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"We find your ideal home, together we make your dreams come true"


Deliver customer satisfaction by finding a property that meets their expectations of durability, comfort and aesthetics, and providing a living experience.


Be aware of trends in the market and in the construction industry, and look for creative ways to use materials and resources more efficiently and sustainably.


We offer a high quality and efficient service to our clients, we anticipate possible obstacles in the process of buying or selling properties. And we adapt to changes in the market.

About us?

We are a real estate company located on the beautiful coast of Oaxaca, we are dedicated to offering real estate developments with financing and privileged locations. We focus on providing the best quality in our services and ensuring that our clients find the home of their dreams in one of the most beautiful regions of Mexico.

About us

“Building dreams, creating homes, discover your next home with us.”



Help our clients find a property on the coast of Oaxaca, offering quality real estate developments with financing and personalized and reliable service. We are committed to making the purchasing process easy and accessible. We make sure our clients feel comfortable and safe.


To be a leader in the real estate market on the coast of Oaxaca, building sustainable housing projects that respect the natural environment and improve the quality of life of the local community. Promote responsible tourism and be a company that cares both about commercial success and the well-being of the region.



Our services

We are experts in finding the home of your dreams and making the buying process easy and exciting. Our team of highly trained agents strives to provide you with quality, personalized service, and we are committed to making every transaction successful.

Design and Construction

We are proud to select Bioconstruyo.com as our preferred sustainable design and construction option for your developments in Punto Sur.

Bioconstruyo.com focuses on sustainable construction and the use of natural materials and innovative techniques to create efficient and ecological buildings. We know that green building is a popular option in the real estate industry and we are excited to be able to offer our clients the opportunity to build responsibly and sustainably.

The Construction price is from $14,500 per finished square meter. The price for Home Design $55,000 in REVIT includes topographic survey, structural, sanitary, hydraulic and electrical plans as well as renders and video of your design 

If you are interested in learning more about how Bioconstruyo.com can help us build the best developments in Punto Sur, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Real Estate Advice

At Punto Sur Inmobiliaria we have a team highly trained in creating sales strategies and developing real estate projects, offering a complete service to its clients.

Additionally, if you are a real estate developer and need help creating new projects, our team of advisors can help you evaluate the viability of the project, identify market opportunities and design effective strategies for its commercialization. 

We can also help you develop business plans, market studies, and profitability analysis of real estate projects, with the aim of maximizing your benefits and minimizing risks.

We provide personalized solutions adapted to your specific needs, working with you every step of the process to guarantee the success of your project.

Punto Sur Inmobiliaria is committed to providing a complete and quality service to its clients in real estate advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Legal advice

We know that the purchase or construction of a property can generate many doubts and concerns, which is why our team of legal advisors is highly trained to provide you with all the information you need about the legal processes involved in the acquisition or construction of a property.

We are in charge of advising you in every step of the process, from reviewing the necessary documentation to drafting and signing contracts.

This way, you can be sure that your investments are protected and that you are complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, our legal advice service is also available for foreigners who wish to buy property in Mexico.

We will help you understand the legal and tax requirements that you must comply with, as well as manage obtaining the necessary permits. For any questions or queries contact us.


Welcome to Coyote Village!

Aldea Coyote is an inhabited development in Playa Palmarito, located behind the Manialtepec Lagoon.

We have the latest land at a price of $693,000 MXN with electricity and water services.

We offer 12 and 24 month payment plans and possession is immediate so you can start building your dreams.

It is just 22 minutes from the Puerto Escondido airport and surrounded by stunning ocean and lagoon views. They offer a wide range of outdoor activities.

Don't miss this unique opportunity. Contact us now to be an owner in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico.

Welcome to Punta Sirenas!

Punta Sirenas is a new residential area that offers the opportunity to have your own beach house in a privileged location. We have lots right on the beach, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the ocean. 

Our residential is located in one of the quietest and most exclusive areas of San Pedro Mixtepec, it will allow you to enjoy the privacy and tranquility that you deserve. 

We build your Beach House from $1.3 MDP. If you are looking for an investment in a beach property.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your dreams come true! Contact us for more information and to reserve your spot at our next pre-sale.

Casando'o Residential

We are located in Tututepec, a town full of history and natural beauty. 

A few kilometers away is the Lagunas de Chacahua National Park. A charming town that is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur. 

At Casando'o Residencial, we offer you pre-sale $180 thousand pesos in cash or $200 thousand in 3 months without interest, we have financing. Our residential offers an excellent location, with a beautiful view of the mountains and the coast, and we have high quality developments. 

Contact us for more information and to schedule a visit to our residential in Tututepec, Oaxaca.

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Coyote Village

Real Estate Advice

Casando'o Residential

What do our clients think?


Luis García


"My experience with this company has been excellent. Their team of advisors helped me throughout the entire process of purchasing my house, from searching for options to signing the contract. I felt very confident with their advice and knowledge in the legal area "I highly recommend them."

Gabriela Hernández


"Thanks to the advisory service of this real estate company, I was able to carry out the construction project of my building without any legal setbacks. Their team of legal advisors provided me with all the necessary information and assisted me at every stage of the process. The experience and professionalism of your team is impressive.

David Jones


"I am a foreigner and I wanted to buy a property in Mexico, but I didn't know where to start. This real estate company helped me throughout the entire process, including managing permits and legal procedures. Their team of advisors was very friendly and made me feel very safe Thanks to them, I now have my home in Mexico."

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We are delighted that you are interested in us to carry out your projects. If you need advice on your idea. Do not hesitate to contact us! We guarantee the satisfaction and trust of our clients at all times.

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